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Connecting Healthcare Systems Securely and Efficiently

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How would you securely and efficiently transport millions of records of patient health information between two disparate systems? How would you manage such an automated process that could transform the data to fit into each system’s database architecture, all the while being alerted to any errors as they occur in real-time?

In one of my largest client engagements as a technical consultant since joining Galen Healthcare Solutions last summer, I’ve been tasked with building a solution to these questions. The goal was to achieve interoperability between a patient portal and a popular electronic medical record system and the key was to find the right kind of interface engine. We ultimately decided to put to use Mirth Connect.

On Galen’s blog, I’ve written about my initial thoughts on Mirth Connect:

One year ago an organization approached us with the need to integrate their patient portal solution into a popular EMR. Connecting hundreds of practices and millions of patients through their portal required a special kind of interface engine. At the core, we needed something that could transport data quickly, reliably, and securely, but we also needed one at an attractive price point that offered a variety of data transformation features.

With dozens of interface engines available on the market, we ultimately chose one out of Costa Mesa, California: Mirth™ Connect. A year later, they have hundreds of thousands of secure patient-provider messages, CCDs, and lab results flowing through this interface engine on a monthly basis. You may never have heard of it before, but after our experience with Mirth™ Connect, we think you should. Read more…