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Cool News: NASA’s Voyager Exits the Solar System

The New York Times has posted a new article about one of the greatest objects man has ever built: the Voyager 1.

Launched in 1977 with far less computing power than a modern iPhone, the NASA spacecraft has traveled billions of miles across space, showing us how immense the universe is and putting our small Earth into perspective. Recently, Voyager 1 has exited the solar system and entered into new, barely-understood interstellar space. Reading Carl Sagan’s book, The Pale Blue Dot, I’ve learned a lot about the trusted Voyager and am inspired by its impact on humanity.

The same month (August 2012) that happened, NASA’s Curiosity rover landed on the surface Mars, taking full-HD, color images of the planet’s craters, mountains, and other surroundings.

NASA inspires.